Apparently, they say there is no such thing as a stupid question. There are Frequently Asked ones, however. We’ve collected some of our favourites below but feel free to provide a new one via our Contact Us form.

How long does it take to make a candle?
About an hour or so. It’s all done by hand, boiling the wax to the right temperatures, measuring and mixing the fragrances, personalising the jar is a time-consuming but enjoyable experience.

Where do you get your jars?
We source our jars from a local glass company, who use recycled glass for their products. We don’t feel importing hundreds of glass jars from China helps anyone, certainly the environment!

Can you make a candle from a jar I own?
So long as it’s safe to do so, that’s fine. We’ve made candles from sentimental items before such as drinking glasses and favourite jars. Just let us know and we’ll help if we can.

What type of wax do you use?
Like many scented candle makers, we use Paraffin wax.

Why? Isn’t that dangerous, or bad for the environment? 
Paraffin wax is generally agreed to burn better and hold the fragrance longer that Soy, Palm, Coconut or Beeswax. While mooted that Soy Wax, being a natural product, is kinder to the environment, we’ve thought really hard about this point. We feel the cost to the environment to produce and import Soy grown in the US or Central America (an amazing 98% of the world’s Soybeans are grown in the USA) is far too high and counters the benefits . There are too many conflicting opinions and research with regards Soy/Palm production, which is generally funded by the Soy or BioChemical industries at the detriment to each-other – but soy production has been criticised by organisations such as Friends of the Earth and the WWF to be damaging to local and global ecosystems, especially as inflated costs are driving production into Brazil and the deforestation and other eco-damage that has caused as a Palm Oil production machinery is re-used for Soy.

We hear “Soy candles made from only soy wax are 100% natural” – however it is acknowledged that soy wax is chemically distilled with hexane, then bleached with chlorine, deodorized with boric acid and then hydrogenated.

You often see or read that “Soy candles are made from 100% soy” – This isn’t always the case. Most soy candles are made from blends of soy plus paraffin, palm and beeswax. Since soy wax is not regulated, producers feel they can call it “soy wax” if it contains as little as 25% soy wax. Source: Aloha Bay, US Ethical Candle Manufacturer, 2017

While we accept it is not a perfect solution, Paraffin is a by-product of the petroleum production process, and is essentially disposed of, so we see this as a form of upcycling.

As a conscientious supporter of finding an “ecoLogical” solution to candle materials, we monitor developments in industry to ensure we are always using materials that are kindest to the earth and it’s tomorrow, not just for today.

As you can tell, this matters to us and we need to do our bit. We take extra steps to ensure we work day-to-day in an environmentally and socially friendly way, and sell primarily in local community markets and fairs by preference to reduce our own carbon footprint.

Are the materials used in Bearoma Candles tested on animals?
Absolutely not. We only buy fragrances from suppliers who give us full and ongoing commitment to this.

What do you do to “personalise” the candles?
We do our best to ensure every candle is unique, and apply a label with the name of the candle, it’s “Born on” date and a suitable quote upon it. If you get in touch regarding a candle as a gift, or have a favourite quote you’d like used, just let us know. Every candle is presented in an attractive jar, with stylist silver charm to keep, give or collect.

Why are all your candles white?
At Bearoma, we think the best colour for a candle is white. It allows the candle to be used in any room, and delivers better scent longevity. As far as we are concerned, the most important ingredients in your  Bearoma candle is wax and scent, and the addition of dye can weaken the candle or reduce the aroma.

Why can’t I order online?
We’re new to all this e-commerce stuff, but getting there with the creation of this website, Facebook and other internet-based things I wouldn’t pretend to understand. But – luckily – I have a teenage daughter who has grown up with all this wwwizardry. I knew she would come in useful eventually! She’s been helping me out while I make the candles, and we have set up a Facebook Shop! . I like talking to people so please get in touch via email, Facebook or Instagram and let’s chat about what you would like to order.

How can I pay for the candles I order?
If it’s agreed we’ll be delivering your candle(s), payment will be required upon delivery. If we are posting the candle(s), payment upfront is required as with all internet purchases, this does not affect your statutory and online purchase rights. you can pay by cash, PayPal or direct internet bank transfer. We can sort that out when you place the order, no worries.

Where can I buy your candles on the high street?
I sell in some Cafe Grounded outlets in Bristol and Wiltshire. It’s best to email me and I’ll let you know if my candles are at that cafe.

We also sell at every B-Bee’s Craft and Farmer’s Market, in Fishponds on the last Saturday of the month.
Make sure to check our Facebook page regularly  for details of where we will be exhibiting and selling our candles. THere will also be updates on new fragrances and products announced first there.

Do you deliver candles?
In the Bristol area, yes but this may need to be a charge to cover costs.

I don’t live in Bristol. Can you post me my candles?
Yes, we use Royal Mail Parcel Service, where up to 20kg costs about £5. See more on our About Page for more information.

I don’t live in the UK. Can you post me my candles?
Get in touch and we’ll see if it can be done.

How long will it take to get the candle if ordered (not in stock)
Bearoma tend to make candles to order, we don’t often have stock as we like to consider each candle upon your specific requirements. Candles take 48 hours to make and set before they can be delivered and used.

I’d like to act as an agent/reseller of Bearoma candles in my shop or on my stall.
OK, sounds exciting! Drop me a line and let’s chat.

I wasn’t happy with or didn’t get the item I was expecting.
Oh no, really sorry about that. With a small operation like ours, keeping our customers happy and enjoying our candles are the most important thing.
If you have any issues with your candle or order, just get in touch and no doubt, we’ll make sure you are satisfied. I promise you that I won’t put you on hold and have to pass your complaint through to my supervisor!

Do you issue refunds if I don’t like the candle?
Really sorry to hear the candle wasn’t to your taste, but there’s a common-sense approach to this. If the candle is well-used, then it can’t really be returned for a refund. Best thing is to just drop us a line and let’s chat about it. I’m sure we can work something out.