About Bearoma

Here at Bearoma, I handmake all our candles, so each are all a little bit different. All our candles are presented in a fresh, cool look and come with small silver collectable charms, a “Born on” date and a quote or poem to read before settling into the scent.

From a suburban kitchen in East Bristol, I make our candles using household items, like battered old saucepans, wooden spoons, aprons and oven gloves. Health and Safety demands I wear goggles, so often shock people who knock at the door. But that’s the way that works for me. We don’t have targets here or forecast sales and shareholders to satisfy. We do however have a school run, packed lunches to make, an overactive, rather needy Springer Spaniel and a new CockerPoo puppy that needs entertaining. Oh, did I mention I’m a college lecturer too? Life is never quiet for me!

We buy our materials responsibly from suppliers who care as much as we do about the environment and social matters. And that’s a lot.
But most of all, I love making candles. We think that will come through in the quality of what we make. we hope you and your friends and family – will relax with and enjoy again and again.